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Virtual Coaching

Parent educators will work directly with you via phone, FaceTime, or zoom.  You will have access to our tailored curriculum and expertise – getting help and support along the way. Your child will benefit from our unique and individualized approach to language growth and development. We offer the resources, tools, and support to make all of the difference in achieving positive results in language growth.

  • What (what does my child need?)
  • Why (why is it important?)
  • How (how can I do this in my busy life?)
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Coaching and Parent Education help build the confidence and skills every family needs to lay the foundation for lifelong learning. We will help build your knowledge and confidence so that you can feel better prepared in your role as your child’s first and most important teacher.

  • Weekly guided, immersive experience
  • 1-on-1 coaching with educators and professionals
  • Crafted curriculum with proven results
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Curriculum Summary

Week 1 - Play With Purpose

Play is paramount for language development. Learn more about conversational turns open-ended communication and play.

Week 2 - Reassuring Routines

Creating meaningful daily routines increases predictability throughout the day, ultimately allowing more opportunities for conversational turns.

Week 3 - All The Colors of The Rainbow

Learn how to build your child’s vocabulary by talking about and exploring colors in the daily routine.

Week 4 - Describe and Explore

Describing what children are seeing, feeling and experiencing can support their language, social emotional, and brain development. In addition, we will explore how becoming more aware of our five senses can further enhance the connection to language.  

Week 5 - Understanding Social Emotional Development

Loving relationships teach children how to express their emotions, develop healthy relationships, and manage challenges in healthy and meaningful ways.  

Week 6 - Read Every Day

The benefits of books, reading, and early literacy skills at home and in the community.

Week 7 - Narrate Your Way Through The Day

Storytelling can enhance communication skills at home and in the community.

Week 8 - Numbers and Counting

Nurturing early math concepts through conversation and play.

Week 9 - Singing : Musical Moments

Use singing and music to enhance communication and exploration.

Week 10 - Medical Play

Ways to make doctors visits less stressful. Summary and Graduation

Providence talks


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    Word Pedometer

    We use a special “talk pedometer” created by our partners at LENA. Children wear a small device for a day that measures talk without recording actual words or conversations. Then, parent educators can show parents when and how much language they are using with their children, and parents can deliberately increase interactive talk based on what they learn.


    How it Works

    The LENA recording device doesn’t hear or understand specific words or conversations, so your privacy is never in question. It simply picks up on different sounds and tones of voice, counting adult words as well as back and forth communication between adults and child. It works in both English and Spanish. 


    You Have What It Takes

    Science shows that the first 5 years of life are when the brain develops the fastest. We partner with organizations like Vroom to equip parents with the tools and resources needed to foster healthy language development.

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